Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shopping Tips for the Summer Sale

It's that time of the season we've all been waiting for- the summer sale! You know it's on because you've probably gotten like a million emails from all of your favorite spots enticing you to come spend money. Well, I hate to tell ya, but they're right on. In about 2 weeks, stores will already be putting out their "Back to School" sets. For all if us shoppers this seems a little crazy to be featuring sweaters and pants when it's still 85 and sunny outside. What does all of this mean? Here are a few tips to keep you sane and calm during the saving frenzy.

1. Coupons
Always check online for additional coupons or deals before you leave home. Sites like are great for taking a little more off your bill.

2. Time
Leave plenty of time to shop, since sale shopping can be a tad bit more tedious when you're surfing the racks.

3. Plan Ahead
Shop early in the morning when the racks are the tidiest.

4. Days of the Week
Try to schedule your shopping on a Tuesday or Wednesday, this is typically when stores do their markdowns and store traffic is the slowest.  (Some also do them on Sunday evenings, so Monday sales are there, also.)

5. What to Wear
Wear comfortable shoes that you can slip on and off for accessible shoe try-ons and light layers to save fitting room time. (or to help avoid the fitting room)  And be sure you're happy with what you're wearing- it's the same as going to the grocery store hungry.

6. But It's Such a Good Deal!
Don't binge buy just because it's a good deal!  Put an item on hold or walk away if you're hesitant.  24 hours is the best time frame to decide whether you really need it or not.

7. Return Policies
Always check the store's return policy.  Some stores have different policies for sale items- such as FINAL SALE. (In this case, be sure you LOVE what you're buying cuz it's all yours!)

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