Thursday, August 2, 2012

An Extra Layer

Check out my super cool nametag, by the way.

This outfit was a total experiment. I needed extra layers to keep me warm in the over
air-conditioned conference room, yet light enough to bear the 90 degree heat outside. It all started with a floaty dress in my closet that morning. I tried on cardigan after cardigan before I looked up at my button downs. This shirt had a yellow stripe in the plaid- just enough to convince me to try it on and... Voila! I quickly slipped into some flip flops and was out the door. (I know a heel is always a good choice, but I live in flip flops all summer long, so why fool you!)
I loved it, but what do you think? Was this closet experiment a success or a flop?


  1. cute skirt and the name tag badge is the perfect accessory :)

    1. Thanks Amber! It's actually a dress that I decided to cover up with a shirt. I know, the nametag just makes it that much cooler:)

  2. lovely skirt! xx


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