Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Maternity Must Haves

This post is for all you mamas-to-be out there!  So there's a "bun in the oven"- CONGRATULATIONS!  But let's face it, now your clothes don't fit because you're growing a baby.  Every women needs a few staples to get them through those 9 months of body changing excitement.  Here are 5 must haves for every pregnant lady!  

Layer, layer, layer. These babies will be your best friend.  Layer under dresses, especially when they resemble tunics in the later stages.  Layer under sweaters.  Or just wear to be comfortable.  Either way, you've got to have a pair.

What to buy:
At least 2 pair.  You never know when one will be in the wash and you'll wish you could wear them.  No reason to do more wash now- save that for the diaper blowouts to come.

Where to shop:
Target (For $8, I never went anywhere else...I even wore the junior leggings just in a bigger size) (maternity tights- heck yes!)
Maternity Leggings

Tank tops & Tees
You can never have too many tanks and tees in your wardrobe.  To keep up with your belly status, nylon/spandex blend is key and any side-ruching (gathered material) will elongate your torso. This blend also looks fresher  longer and can withstand the wash and wear over time.  Stick with a scoop-neck or V-neck though to show off a great neckline; a crew-neck cut isn't always as flattering.  For tees, be sure they're made of a cotton/spandex blend otherwise they'll lose their shape and you'll end up buying more than you need.

What to buy:
2 tank tops in white
1 white  tee (maybe 2 in case the first one gets stained.  It's amazing what you're belly can catch!)
1 black tee
Longsleeve tees (white, black, grey)

Where to shop:
Motherhood Maternity
Layering Maternity Tanks

Black Pants
Be ready to shell out a little more for a perfect pair of work pants that can get you through at least 6 months of pregnancy.  You will LIVE in these pants if they are right for you.  (I wore mine up until the day before I delivered!)  Find a pair that work with flats and possibly another pair for heels- I know for some those heels are hard to give up!  They should be made of a comfortable fabric, first and foremost. Look for jersey blends or crepe fabrics that have tons of stretch but will hold their shape.  Buy black.  It's flattering and goes with everything.  Save the crazy colored bottoms for tights and leggings. Buy a wide leg, bootcut, and skinny.  The wide leg style will start to look better and better the bigger you get.   Trust me.  (Unless you don't gain any weight and then we'll all be jealous of you regardless of your pants.)

What to buy:
1 pair of each style: (depending on your work attire)
wide leg

Where to shop:
Motherhood Maternity
A Pea in the Pod
*I don't suggest online shopping for these items if you don't have to.  It's so nice to try them on in the store.

You may want a few pair of jeans.  Bootcut.  Skinny.  Light wash.  Dark wash.  Buy them in the size that fits- even if they're a little snug.  ALL MATERNITY JEANS STRETCH.  That's just how they're made.  That being said, there are so many cuts and styles, this is truly a category that you can have fun with!

What to buy:
1-2 pair of skinny jeans (light and dark wash)
1 pair of bootcut jeans

Where to shop:
Old Navy
A Pea in the Pod (if you love your designer pairs and want the maternity version)

Ahh, the best part- accessorizing!  Play up your pregnancy style with scarves, jewelry, belts, shoes.  These items will always fit, well all except for the shoes, those may get snug towards the end.  You're already glowing, so add to it with some glitz and color.  Place belts above your bump to create an empire waist.  Wrap a colorful scarf around your neck to jazz up a plain tank and cardigan.  A statement necklace can make any jersey dress look party ready.  And the shoes- buy a pair of metallic embellished flats for when your feet just can take the weight, but you still want to feel special.

What to buy:
1 pair of embellished metallic flats
Colorful scarves
Statement jewelry

Where to shop:
Anywhere you like!  These are great things to pick up anytime you're out shopping.

Polka Dots

Chunky heels

Brimmed hat

Warehouse leopard scarve
$16 -

My last piece of unsolicited advice is to stick to maternity wear for your basics, but don't feel like you are confined to the pregnant section now that your belly is growing!  Empire waists, flowy dresses,  tops, banded leggings, sweater tunics... the list could go on... these styles will all work, just go up a size or 2. (I went from a 4/6 to a 10)  Forever 21, H&M, and anything in a jersey stretch material were my go to's for non-maternity wear.  Everything else was Target, Motherhood/A Pea in the Pod, Gap, or Old Navy.

Enjoy your 9 months of belly style!


  1. Perfect! Thanks so much! Now I just need to take you shopping with me! One thing to add that I have found is that I love the leggings at Love Culture right now! They are kinda thin, but they're super low rise so they barely hit the bottom of the bump and they're under $6! You're the best Courtney! Thanks for the great advice as always!

    1. So happy you got some valuable information! I loved being pregnant- mostly for the shopping of course:) and all the other wonderful parts!

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