Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Street Style VS Real Everyday Style

I get a ton of emails every day, and when I say "ton", I mean like close to 100 emails per day telling me what to wear, how to wear it, what to buy, who's wearing what and more.  Weeding through these is a part time job in itself!  Lately, though, I feel like all I'm reading about and seeing pictures of are these trendy bloggers and fashionites who, frankly, look slightly ridiculous in what they're wearing.  I know, I know, the style police may shoot me for admitting it, but this whole mismatched look has me scratching my head.  Now, don't get me wrong- I GET the mantra, "IT'S ALL ABOUT FASHION"- however, I live in the world that doesn't attend fashion shows regularly and tends to accept more conservative versions of what one may see there. In that other world.  Let me show you a little of what I am referring to.

So for all of my readers living in the world that revolves around less outrageous numbers, such as cardigans, skinny jeans, and how-to-tie a fabulous scarf, I'm right there with ya'!  Here are my latest inspirations for layering, monochromatic dressing, and mixing prints.

Source: via Courtney on Pinterest

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  1. I am totally gonna be copying that plum and mustard outfit!


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