Tuesday, January 22, 2013

White Jeans in Winter?

Do you own a pair of white jeans? Have you ever thought about wearing them in the winter?! I hadn't thought it was possible until I started reading about this topic just recently. Even my husband bawked and exclaimed, "No white after Labor Day!"

According to LuckyMag online, white jeans are totally acceptable for winter- and I couldn't agree more. There's something slightly rebellious about putting on those stark jeans when it's 10 degrees out.

Keep your white denim winter-worthy by pairing it with a sweater, or fitted sweatshirt, and boots- layer a button down underneath and top with a blazer to keep the warmth in. Accessorize at will.

How I wore it:

I realize that my shoe option isn't the most seasonally appropriate...riding boots were substituted to leave the house. All in all, topped with a blazer and boots, I felt ready for the chill!

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  1. You did good, I love the look you put together. What I don't like is white denim with boots, ick. The flats, good!



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