Saturday, October 5, 2013

Black Pants and a Cute Top...Forever

Remember the days when black pants were the only type of bottoms that you needed to own? 
Weekend night out?  Check.  
Date party?  Check.  
Sunday best?  Check.  
Wear to class with a sweater? Yup, I know I did.  

Black pants were the staple of every 20-something's wardrobe. And may still be the staple of some 30 and 40-something's wardrobes.  So what? After recently reading an article in The Cut, regarding most women's ancient love for their black pants, I was inspired to find new and improved versions of the wear-with-everything pant that can still get you from day to night. 

I'm happy to say that the quintessential black pant is still around, just in a slightly more flattering form (read: higher-waisted, not as rear-accentuating,  and less crotch pulling).   

Here are my favorite styles and inspirations for how to wear them.

You can still rock... "black pants and a cute top".

J.Crew pants

Banana Republic petite ankle pants


Chantelle capri

For Dress-Up

For Work

Does your love for your black pants run deep?  Share in the comments below!