Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Always a Reason to Be Thankful

And that's exactly how I feel after reading this personal essay written by one of my former students. And I must mention, a very fashionable former student. *wink*  This essay was written for a project in her 5th grade writing class, but the author has since moved on to middle school. I have been holding on to her words for awhile and waiting for the perfect moment to share it on the blog and let it leave its virtual stamp; I think it's safe to say, that moment is now.  At a time when everyone is celebrating what they are most thankful for, these inspiring words popped out at me as a reminder that, in more than one aspect of my life, in many different ways, I have an impact on others.  THAT is a powerful thing and one that I am forever thankful.

I used to think dressing nicely wasn't important until I met Mrs. Miarka
she changed my ways.
mrs. miarka was always happy and i wonder why, so when I started dressing nicely i became more happy and  confident in myself like i believe in myself . Mrs. Miarka doesn't just wear clothes its how she wears them.
Mrs. Miarka is not afraid to wear what she wants to wear and neither am I because if what I wear makes me happy then that is all that matters.

Mrs. Miarka has a lot of pretty jewelry and that is also important because it adds a sparkle to your outfit to make it look more festive  and it will also make yourself look better.

So now I think dressing nicely is important because you feel happy because your yourself and nobody can change that.

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