Thursday, February 12, 2015

Outfit Inspiration Obsession: Shopbop Lookbooks

One thing you probably know about me is that I'm always searching for new ways to wear what I have hanging in my closet.  In order to get fresh ideas, I turn to magazines, blogs, Pinterest, email newsletters, and my favorite retailers to check out trends, see how others are wearing their clothes, and figure out if I have similar pieces in my wardrobe that may work.  There IS one place where I am guaranteed to find outfit inspiration- Shopbop Lookbooks .  I know I can click through their lookbook slideshows and find endless outfit ideas.  The best part? I can shop straight from the lookbooks if there is something that catches my eye and I just HAVE to have it!

Here is one of my recent favorite Lookbooks...

Visit 5 Work Wear Looks to see the complete Work Week Lookbook and the rest of the looks that I love!

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