Thursday, March 5, 2015

Honestly, I Didn't Remember Writing This

I found this post hidden in my "draft" archives and couldn't help but share.  At the time I wrote it (almost 3 years ago!), it seemed too honest to make public for everyone to read.   One thing I have learned over the years, is honesty is the best way.  Being honest can leave you feeling vulnerable, but vulnerability leads to change.  I love change.  And, I enjoy reading my past thoughts...even more when they resonate with the way I still feel today.  I LOVE THIS BLOG!

March 21, 2012

I've enjoyed a new wine lately...Cupcake Vineyards, Red Velvet.  Maybe a little too much, as it inspired this thought wrenching vomit of words below...

I went blog searching tonight and realized a few things about what I'm doing here on my little free island of internet...
I have a pretty old school camera.
I don't know everything about fashion.
I'm not InStyle or
I love to remix mall or outlet finds to create professional and updated modern classic looks.
If you're looking for high fashion or street style looks, you probably won't find it here. 
If you're looking for every day ideas for outfits you may have in your closet, look no further, this is my mission.
My life is about living and loving life on the inside and out.  I love to get dressed and think that it reflects how I feel on the inside.  Some may think caring so much about how one looks is shallow, I think this is who I am and who I want people to see.
I don't have a degree in fashion or merchandising, I teach first grade.  I'm a normal gal, with a normal life, who loves to play in other people's closets. 
I would love to show more on my blog, but am not sure what my readers are looking/hoping for...and until then, what you see is what you get.
I do enjoy being a source for my friends to turn to for fashion advice and shopping and styling tips.  I don't know it all, but LOVE to be a reference.

My husband doesn't understand why I blog, and likes to challenge me with the idea that it is a waste of time.  Sometimes I agree with him.  Blogging is very time consuming and can have little return. Still, I continue to come back and feed this little monster of mine on cyberspace hoping that I am a slight help to others in some way.  Maybe.  If I can help tie a scarf at school or help a stranger pick the right shoe, I hope I can inspire someone on the internet to try something new out of what they own.  

Maybe, just maybe, I am making a difference.  And in the end, I love every minute of it.  Isn't that what truly matters?


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