Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tired of Skinny Jeans?

Are you getting tired of the skinny jean trend?  I hear ya. You're not the only one who has been singing the skinny jean blues.  I have had multiple clients ask about alternatives to the skinny jean and what new jean they should be buying now.  In response, today's article is about the different styles available to you and how to make them work.  Happy jean shopping!

Flared Jeans

 images via Pinterest

Remember these?  They're back.  Flares are the most flattering when worn with a heel.  This time around, the flares should just brush the ground, either hiding your shoes or letting just a little point stick out.
Boyfriend Jeans

 images via Pinterest

Boyfriend jeans are the skinny jeans more relaxed cousin.  They work equally great for a casual look as they do for date night.  You can go baggy and looser with this style, or slightly fitted and slim to the ankle.  Wear them rolled at the ankle with heels or flats and you're guaranteed to love them like a boyfriend. (I couldn't resist at least one "boyfriend" reference.)

Straight Leg Jeans

 images via Pinterest

I love this style simply because there are a variety of ways to wear these jeans.  Cuff them wide or skinny, wear them long with heels, wear them with flats and show off your ankles.  This jean can work for so many different outfit occasions.

What is your favorite style of jean? 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

3 Pieces to Buy Now and Wear Later

Retailers are getting ready to roll out their fall styles and that means many of us will be shopping.  As a wardrobe stylist, I like to make sure my clients make the smartest purchase decisions for their wardrobe each season, always taking into account what they already have in their closet.  There are 3 trends that you can wear, or shop for, now that will definitely still be relevant when fall weather gets here.  Spending wisely and keeping your wardrobe relevant is always in style!

This piece looks equally great over a dress as it does with jeans and boots. Whether you're headed to work or a weekend get-together, the vest will enhance your outfit with a special flair.

Shop Vests

This shoe style is still around and now features fun updates with slingbacks, lazer-cut details, and open toes.  Wear your booties now with a floaty dress or shorts for an edgy style.  Wear them later with your suit separates for a more professional vibe.


Shop Booties

Fall Florals
Blooms continue to flourish on clothing and accessories for fall. But this season, a darker mood is featured from black-as-night backgrounds to autumn-inspired floral landscapes.


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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Blue Culottes (aka the new cool pant)

I just finished reading an article over on the Wantable blog about why culottes (pronounced 'coo-lots') are the coolest pant this season.  I still remember this style from almost a decade ago when we called them "gauchos" and they had a fold-over waistband.  The cropped wide-legged pants of today are nothing like those though, and do add a slight factor of coolness to an outfit. I would have to agree.
Outfit styled and saved using my virtual closet.

Top- Kate Spade (similar)
Pants- Nordstrom
Shoes- Steve Madden
Earrings- Tiffany & Co. 
Lipstick- Lipstick Queen

If you are looking to try the culottes style, here are some options:

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Geometrics and Animal Prints

I had so much fun wearing this mash-up of prints and color today.  Wearing leopard printed flats with a geometric printed dress felt kind of...rebellious.  It was the kind of feeling that said, "Yup, I don't really care that nothing "matches" because I love it!"  I even added a pop of summer red on my lips with a new lipstick.  Look out. 

Repeat after me: leopard is a neutral. Leopard is a neutral.  Leop... you got it.

Dress- J.Crew old (similar)
Sandals- Steve Madden
Earrings- J.Crew old (similar)
Bracelets- similar
Lipstick- Lipstick Queen

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Layering Over a Dress

*outfit selfie created in my virtual closet at*

Have you ever had a day when you were so excited to wear something and the weather just was not cooperating?  That was totally my day when I wore this outfit.  I was excited to wear this dress since it is just perfect to zip-on and go, but nooooo...not today!  Determined to not let the weather deter me, I began to layer.  First the wedges to keep my feet out of the puddles, in case I encountered any of course. Then the hooded cargo jacket to keep my hair safe, since I actually did it that day. Then the scarf because, well, it was cold!  Despite the weather, I think I managed to layer my way to an outfit that was "weather-proof". 

Dress- Tory Burch
Jacket- old (similar)
Shoes- TOMS
Scarf- borrowed (similar)
Bracelet- Rocksbox 
Glasses- Bonlook

Thursday, July 2, 2015

How to Pack Light and Sparkle this Weekend (Guest Post)

As many of us in Michigan plan to hit the road and head up north for the long holiday weekend, inevitably we find ourselves scrambling at the last minute to figure out what to pack.  How will we arrive with one small weekend bag and manage to look appropriately festive during all our fun times at the beach, BBQ's and parades?  It's quite possible that many of us do not own Fourth of July attire such as this:
However, it is pretty likely that your closet may contain several items similar to those below.  Just a few simple pieces and you will look perfectly styled and patriotic for all your events!
Pack Light
As you gear up to hit the beach try experimenting with different ways to wear your cover-ups.  Most knit maxi skirts can be worn as a skirt or as a dress.  Chambray shirts are super versatile and can be worn open as a cardigan, or knotted at the waist.
Beach Mix and Match
While we are all hoping for warm, sunny days occasionally the weather can be less than cooperative.  Having a great hat helps protect you from the sun but can also come in handy if you get caught in some light rain.  A basic tee can be layered over a sundress for some extra coverage without bulk.  Long skirts and dresses come in handy on cool evenings to cover your legs if you don't feel like wearing jeans.
4th Mix and Match
So go ahead and cross packing off your 'To-Do' list and have and fantastic long weekend.  Happy Fourth of July!!
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Thank you to Nicole for letting me share this inspirational summer post with my readers!  
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