Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tired of Skinny Jeans?

Are you getting tired of the skinny jean trend?  I hear ya. You're not the only one who has been singing the skinny jean blues.  I have had multiple clients ask about alternatives to the skinny jean and what new jean they should be buying now.  In response, today's article is about the different styles available to you and how to make them work.  Happy jean shopping!

Flared Jeans

 images via Pinterest

Remember these?  They're back.  Flares are the most flattering when worn with a heel.  This time around, the flares should just brush the ground, either hiding your shoes or letting just a little point stick out.
Boyfriend Jeans

 images via Pinterest

Boyfriend jeans are the skinny jeans more relaxed cousin.  They work equally great for a casual look as they do for date night.  You can go baggy and looser with this style, or slightly fitted and slim to the ankle.  Wear them rolled at the ankle with heels or flats and you're guaranteed to love them like a boyfriend. (I couldn't resist at least one "boyfriend" reference.)

Straight Leg Jeans

 images via Pinterest

I love this style simply because there are a variety of ways to wear these jeans.  Cuff them wide or skinny, wear them long with heels, wear them with flats and show off your ankles.  This jean can work for so many different outfit occasions.

What is your favorite style of jean? 

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