Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bright As Bright Can Be

Do you shy away from bright colors?  Here is my slightly strong case for why you shouldn't.  Or shy away from wearing anything that you love, for that matter.

See exhibit A above: the dress.  This dress had been hanging in my closet for over 4 months.  I bought it initially because I was obsessed with the print and colors.  I also bought it because I thought I might wear it to an outdoor wedding we were going to.  Every purchase needs an excuse, right?!  

Sadly, I chickened out at the last minute and wore this dress instead.  And every time after that when I thought I might wear the dress, I would go through the same inner struggle.  I convinced myself it was too bright.  Too bold for the occasion.  I just couldn't bring myself to wear it.

So there this lovely dress hung. Bright. Beautiful. Bold. Tags still attached.

Until one day, I decided to just do it. I mean, I love neon, so what was I waiting for?!  Neon dress? Done.  Neon purse? Yup.  Neon earrings?  Of course!  I knew I was making quite the statement and I was perfectly okay with that.  It felt great.

The moral of the story?  Wear what you love.  Embrace your inner neon and just go for it.  When you know you have a piece hanging in your closet that is just SO COOL... Don't wait for that "event" to come along.  Just do it!

Outfit Details
Dress- Mara Hoffman
Earrings- J.Crew (old)
Purse- Similar
Shoes- Steve Madden (similar)

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