Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Every Dress Deserves a Second Chance

Tory Burch Drawstring Waist Dress
Admit it.  You bought something on sale, and at the time, it was totally cute.  But when you got it home to your closet, you started to realize that it was only that cute in the store because it was on sale.

And then the guilt sets in.

Every time you pass over that item in your closet it calls to you, "But I was SUCH a good deal!"  And you try it on, determined to wear it.  And it just doesn't look right.  Something is off.

What's a girl to do??  Here's a little story about how I gave a dress a second chance.  And loved it.

See this dress?  Notice anything missing from the model pic above??

There's no drawstring.  You got it.  I cut it out.  The low slung look that a model can totally pull off in this dress did not have the same effect on my figure.  It hurt a little at first, cutting the nicely topped ribbon and pulling it out, like I was doing something wrong.  But the after effect?!  Priceless.  

With the drawstring gone, I could now highlight my natural waist in a WAY more flattering way with a bright colored belt.  And no one can tell the difference!

This is the most comfortable and fun patterned dress I own now.  Who would've guessed?!

(And I'll reveal another little secret.  The hat?  It's from Disney World.  You just can't see the hole where the Mickey Mouse emblem used to be on the ribbon.  I pulled that out too. ;) )

Hat- Disney
Bracelet- J.Crew
Belt- J.Crew
Dress- Tory Burch
Earrings- Henri Bendel
Sunglasses- SEE
Sandals- J.Crew


  1. SO cute! It looks way better on you than it did on the TB model!

    1. Aww! Thanks Christine. What a difference a few changes make!


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