Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Pop of Red

Pops of bright red seemed perfect to give this black and tan outfit the right holiday spark.  These colors can be paired together any time of year, not just for the holidays.  For this special occasion, I also added some statement earrings and a bold red lip!

I cannot believe that it was 60 degrees on Christmas day in Michigan!  To celebrate this momentous occasion, I had to wear a fun skirt...and show off my new shoes.  I seriously have the most thoughtful and generous husband ever!  EEEEEK!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays this year!

Outfit styled and saved in my virtual closet @


  1. This outfit is stunning. Are those Christian Louboutins I see? They look fabulous!

    1. Thank you my dear! Yes, they are. My husband nailed the Xmas gifts this year!!

  2. Just saw your blog in the group!! LOVE your outfit, just stunning! I also love the theme of your blog, I just did a post on shopping from your closet!


    1. Thank you!! I can't wait to head over to your blog and check out your post on shopping your closet!

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