Sunday, May 21, 2017

{Obligations vs. Where We're At}

This quote was sent to me today that a friend read on Facebook:

"When we focus only on what we feel obligated to do, we end up feeling like garbage.

When we are real with where we're at in life, and then use our emotions, our feelings, to light what we know on fire, we explode."

This idea made me go HMMMM...

I don't feel inspired by obligations either. But isn't that just a mindset? We are only "obligated" to do something because that is how we choose to think of it. I am incredibly lucky to care for my daughter, not obligated because she's my child. I carry out the daily tasks of my job because I take pride in my work and interactions with others, not because I am obligated to do so.

When I use the knowledge and the choices I have to create my day, my life, I am lit up. I loved these words of wisdom and just had to share. Happy Monday to you!

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